Kristine Russell

With each interior I help create, I only wish to transform that space so that it meets the needs and desires of every client I serve. 

I thrive on creating a clean line, modern space with a mix of traditional touches.

Every project does not only take me to complete but the hard work of everyone involved.  I believe that masterpieces come from a well oiled machine, that is what I bring to the table when designing any space.

  I have been doing interior design for over 15 years, starting my career at Jenkins Eliason Interiors in Louisville, KY.  I then took my passion south working for reputable firms such as Robb & Stucky Interiors, TRO Jung/Brannen in Sarasota, FL and Form & Light Architects in Naples, FL.  I enjoy working with custom builders to really wow the clients and bring unique visions to life.  I now reside in South Carolina as a freelance demographic designer and love it!  


  I have a extensive background in art and design, a BA in Interior Design and minor in Art History.  Art has followed me every step of the way thanks to a very gifted father whom taught me everything I know.  I hope to bring something special to every client I have the great opportunity of working with as well as creating lasting relationships with all involved.

Kristine Russell Interiors
Summerville, SC
phone 502.418.1424